9 Best Plant Automatic Watering Systems For Holidays

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Worrying about what to pack for a fortnight or away from home is one thing, but not knowing how to care for and water plants is another. Technology has taken over the world, so you do not need to worry about anything when all the effort you have to make is to click a button.

Indoor plants can be automatically watered based on soil type, temperature, humidity, and sunlight conditions. Watering schedules and cycles can be automatically adjusted with most automated watering systems for indoor plants. We have listed the best indoor automatic watering system for your plants. Now you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your plants.

How To Determine Your Plant’s Watering Needs

By using the automatic watering systems discussed in this article, your plants will receive water needed as soon as they need it, so you should provide enough water to last throughout your trip.

Keep track of how often you water your houseplants a few weeks before you leave. Water the plant using a measuring cup while measuring the amount of water it uses.

The amount of water the plants will require during the time you will be away can be determined based on how long you will be away.

If you plan to travel every time you leave, it is better to use the same amount of water each time instead of using the same information each time.

The amount of water left in reservoirs should be determined by considering plant watering needs if you cannot do this due to your busy schedule.

Automatic Watering System For Indoor Plants

Continental AWS Automatic watering system

Continental AWS Automatic watering system
Continental AWS Automatic watering system

Under various rebranded names, the device can be purchased online. Whenever you set the timer on the pump, water is automatically released every few days for a set amount of time (for example, 30 seconds). A device must be suspended above water because the pump hangs down from the device and needs to be submerged in a reservoir. The easiest place to clamp a bucket is on edge. Among many automatic watering system, this one is my favourite.

The water is pumped to all 10 pipes at once, so all your plants receive the same amount of water.

Its simplicity and cheap price make it reliable. This method is suitable for growing a variety of plants.

Wire pins should also be used to secure each pipe into the soil, which can become unsightly over time. Pumps should be located around 40cm from the unit’s reservoir, which is around 40cm deep. Each plant will receive the same amount of water daily.

SPlant Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

SPlant Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit
SPlant Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

Next on our list of automatic watering system is an automatic irrigation kit. Our list of options begins with the SPlant Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit. With this white ABS plastic block, everything you need is included. Using an LCD, the device displays the watering time and frequency. Using the buttons, you can adjust both of those numbers as well. A power button in the middle is used to turn on and off the unit.

In the kit, you will find start-up materials. A 32-foot black plastic tube that can be bent or cut easily is provided to you. A set of drop arrows is also included. These points are responsible for delivering water to the soil. The three-way joints complement all of this. You can cut the pipe as necessary if you want a customized system. In the end, it doesn’t matter what way you do it. A small air filter is included with the kit, along with the intake filter. It goes on the end of your siphon tube, which sits inside your water reservoir. It is not necessary to use a specific content as a reservoir; buckets will also work.

SPlant pumps can be powered in two ways. With the included USB cable, you can power it up. You can also use four AA batteries instead of the included batteries. Additionally, you can combine both methods. USB cable and power connection are required to power the batteries. It is possible to water your plants even if the electricity goes out.

AiHihome Automatic Watering System

AiHihome Automatic Watering System
AiHihome Automatic Watering System

This drip irrigation system is ideal for indoor gardens because of its customizable nozzle. 

You can adjust the strength of the water released with the 10 adjustable drip heads included in this set. You might consider letting it mist instead of allowing it to flow freely. Hoses are flexible, so you can arrange them however you want to reach your plants. Depending on your preference, this model can water your plants as often as every minute or every seven days.  Easy setup and intuitive controls make this system a breeze to use. You must set the time, connect your hoses, and fill your water reservoir. 

MoistenLand Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

MoistenLand Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit
MoistenLand Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

It has a rectangular main unit as an automatic drip irrigation system. With a protruding clip that mounts on a bucket lip, it’s made from glossy white ABS plastic. The feeder tube dangles into the water, and the pump is positioned directly over the reservoir. An LCD screen with black numbers is located on top of the unit. The LCD screen is backlit. Soft touch buttons are located underneath the screen to make it easy to operate.

A set of tubes, tees, and arrow drips are included in the MoistenLand kit, just like with the last two pumps. The accessories and the pump’s power can support as many as 15 to 20 plants. Watering even relatively large indoor gardens is made possible with the MoistenLand kit.

Powered by a USB cable included in the kit, the MoistenLand Micro Automatic Drip Pump runs on water. A set of four AA batteries can also be installed, just like the sPlant pump. A backup power supply or a primary power supply can be used. Power will always be supplied by USB when used as a backup. A battery pack with AA batteries will be required only then.

A 12-month warranty from MoistenLand covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Within that period, any problems will be replaced or refunded.

Watering Globes

Watering Globes
Watering Globes

A watering globe is an irrigation system that slowly dispenses water to plants. Each week or two, refill them. Glass probes are inserted into the soil, and they disperse water in a steady stream. You might also water your plants by hand if you are refilling the reservoir weekly. However, they work well for plants that need constant water.

Plants can take on interesting shapes, such as birds and mushrooms, that look uniquely seated.

Dirt can often clog the glass tip when cleaning the globes with a thin pipe cleaner. Glass probes are prone to breaking, so care must be taken when inserting them. Watering your plant before using an aqua globe is a must; some say it only lasts two days.

Self Watering Spike

Self-Watering Spikes
Self-Watering Spikes

A simple watering system at your disposal, the Elho Aqua Care gadget is available in transparent, aubergine, and lime colours. 

When your plant needs water, the roots will draw water from the earth by sucking up water from the spike, which is made of recycled plastic bottles. 

 Grobal Hydroponic Planter

 Grobal Hydroponic Planter
 Grobal Hydroponic Planter

This no-dirt solution is perfect for small houseplants and herb plants in eight trendy colours. Small indoor gardeners will appreciate this designer solution. Plants transplanted from dirt planters should be held gently under running, room-temperature tap water when transplanting to the Grobal. After the dirt has been washed away, cut off any dead roots and plant them in a hydroponic system.

 Oasis Self-Watering System

Oasis Self-Watering System
Oasis Self-Watering System

Is your houseplant collection overflowing? Up to 20 plants and flowers are claimed to be kept happy by the automatic drip-watering system. Unlike faucets and outlets, it operates independently.

Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System

Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System
Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System

Water your plants with Kollea, a powerful and reliable digital watering system. The water is saved by having a timer and pump. Using the timer, the plants are watered for an hour for 60 consecutive days with a digital automatic watering system.

The water volume can be adjusted between 10 and 990 ml. This model has a large LCD screen that is easy to read, a battery life indicator and a time interval counter. The settings are stored in the intelligent program memory even when the device is switched off.

With a 2000mAh lithium battery built into the drip irrigation kit, it can be charged via USB. Water buckets can easily be hung from the hanging buckle at the back.

Compared to traditional drip irrigation systems, the system claims to conserve 70% more water. Last but not least, the kit also contains a hose, T-joints, joints, and a 30-foot stake.

Buying Guide

Buying an automatic water system for indoor plants can be confusing for buyers. In some cases, they won’t fit the type and number of plants they want, while in others, they may not be able to water as many plants as they would like.

Some systems cannot fit inside the required space. Certain models can lack important features, making them unsuitable for some applications. Before you finalize your ideal automatic water system, it is important to consider a few features.


A timer is one of the crucial features when buying an automatic water system. The timer sets the intervals at which the plants need to be watered.


You need to calculate the water you will need before buying your automatic watering system for indoor plants. This way, you will be able to ensure that you are not wasting water or running out of it. The watering capacity of the automatic watering system ranges from 1 pot to 15 pots, depending on the model. Consider how many pots you will water simultaneously when choosing your product.

Valve Numbers

Watering programs can be adjusted for different garden parts if you have more valve outlets. In the summer, certain garden sections may need more water to prevent fungus growth, while others may need more water during the winter. Different watering programs can be set for each device section with more than one valve outlet.

Setting Watering Durations

When setting up a watering program for your garden, you should consider how long the water will last. Any time between 5 minutes and 5 hours can be used for the water duration requirement. You can set a timer that runs for 15 minutes in one section and 30 minutes in the other if your irrigation system has multiple outlets and several water durations.

Rain Delay

To be effective, hose timers must incorporate rain delay features. Rain delay features have a variety of advantages. Unlike soil moisture detection sensors, which detect moisture in the soil, rainfall delay sensors sense rains and weather conditions and adjust watering timing accordingly.

Manual Timing Feature

While the hose timers can automatically adjust the watering time and schedule, this does not mean you cannot set manual schedules.

Several mechanical timers allow you to set the time for your garden’s watering schedule manually. To determine the cut-off date, choose one that auto-adjusts the watering times, but allows you to adjust it manually.


Waterproof hose timers are always a good choice, even if they don’t come cheap. This should be made from rust-resistant and moisture-resistant materials such as high-quality plastic or copper. A large majority of digital timers on the market are not waterproof.

Because of this, you need to exercise extra caution when working with them. Due to the possibility that the water could get inside the battery charging port and damage its internal components. Mechanical timers, however, have no such accident potential.

LCDs Screen

Auto watering systems with LCDs are now common, as you have already discovered. Watering schedules can be easily pre-programmed using an LCD screen. Automatic and manual watering cycles are available.

The LCD digital timer might seem complicated to you, but it’s anything but. As soon as you learn how to operate them, they are convenient, easy to use, and futuristic looking. Alternatively, you can choose the ones with simple dials for timing and scheduling if you still find them confusing.

Length of the Hose

It is also important to consider the hose length included with the automatic watering system. There can be a variety of hose lengths available with these systems. When it comes to indoor plants, for instance, the hose may be shorter, but when it comes to outdoor plants or potted plants, the hose can be as long as 100 feet. Usually, hoses of 25 feet or less are sufficient for home use. Watering your garden will also require a hose of the appropriate size.

You can, however, extend the hose length by adding additional hoses to most automatic watering systems. However, you should still consider purchasing a model with a hose length that covers all of your plants without buying an additional hose. Before purchasing an automatic plant watering system, it is recommended that you measure the length of your garden.


Travelling through the market to discover what products are available there is best. Many different price ranges are available when it comes to automatic water systems. With knowledge of several price ranges, you can stay within your budget and not go overboard.

Bottom Line

Plants both indoors and outdoors are usually fine if they are not watered for a week or so if you leave them unattended. Young plants and seedlings which may not survive are okay to have during the summer. The best thing you can do in most cases is to water your plants before you leave for vacation thoroughly. If you are looking for some interesting tips to grow your garden, check out the kitchen and gardening. Find the best tips and tricks to grow your garden and maintain them.

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