What Is the ConfigAPK App? What Are The Steps To Delete It?

What is configapk

The reason why you find yourself on this page is that you probably noticed ConfigAPK in your Android device’s list of system apps. Now you are probably wondering, what is it and what does it do? In addition, what exactly is its purpose? Please don’t worry; we have provided all the information you need in this guide, as well as an answer as to whether or not you can disable/delete it.

What exactly is ConfigAPK?

An APK package is run by the configuration application, known as ConfigAPK. APKs are mobile applications designed specifically for Android devices. Android.autoinstalls.config is where you will find this package. We will explain in detail, in this article, what ConfigAPK does and how it works. Briefly, ConfigApk is part of the package android.auto install.config, and belongs to an Android package. Apps are downloaded and deleted automatically when the system boots with the help of ConfigAPK.

Is ConfigApk a virus, spyware, or malware?

Do I have to worry about whether ConfigAPK is malware, spyware, or a virus?

It’s difficult for users to understand how system apps work. Even though some manufacturers like Samsung kit their Android devices with several pre-installed bloatware apps, the majority are essential and won’t cause any problems.

Additionally, ConfigureAPK performs several functions associated with automatic app installation. There is no spyware, malware, or virus on your phone known as config apk. 

Is it possible to uninstall CONFIG APK?

It is important to have Config APK installed on our android devices. There are some users who would like to uninstall this package because of some problems that they are experiencing. ConfigureAPK is also a system app that is responsible for multiple tasks related to automatic app installation. Despite its difficulty in doing so, this is a very useful and important application that should be included in any APK pack. It isn’t spyware, malware, or a virus. 

Is ConfigApk battery-consuming?

ConfigurAPK is a small system application that occupies only a few kilobytes of storage. Apps that run on all the latest Android operating systems are installed on millions of devices. A battery draining app would have been addressed by the developers by now, but there are no official statements, and we have never seen it consume much power. 

So don’t be afraid your battery is safe. To find out which application is using the most battery, you can install battery consumption apps.

Is there any Android app permission used by ConfigAPK?

There are no app permissions required for ConfigAPK, I have shown you how to check about ConfigAPK on your device in the following step

  1. Go to Settings

2) Tap on the Apps tab

3) On the right-hand side of the screen, tap the three vertical dots

4) Then tap System apps

5) Select ConfigAPK from the list

6) After you scroll down, tap on Permissions

How to uninstall ConfigApk?

The configuration application android package is an important package that we have explained in this article and it is not recommended to uninstall it. However If you still want to delete/disable ConfigAPK on your Samsung  you can do either two ways

  1. System App Remover (Root Needed)
  2. Using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Both methods will be explained in the guide. Because a brother always guides the right.

System App Remover:

It is required to root your smartphone for this method to work. You can watch videos online to learn how to root your phone. The following three steps are to be followed after the phone is rooted.

  1. You will need to download and install System App Remover.
  2. Choose ConfigAPK from the list of apps when the app launches.
  3. You can uninstall it by tapping the uninstall button.


There is no need for you to worry about ConfigAPK on your Samsung smartphone. This package name does not consume your battery nor is it a virus or malware. If, however, you still want to get rid of it, follow these steps explained in the article . I hope all of your questions have been answered now. If you still have any questions, just let your brother guide you.

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