GLORIFY APP REVIEW 2021: Is it The Best Graphic Design Platform for Businesses?

Glorify App Review 2021

Glorify app review is necessary to eradicate confusion regarding image editing apps. With the Glorify App, you can create images for all your products. It gives its users the ability to design high-quality graphics with no experience in graphic design. With this application, users can easily create high-converting images of their products in 1 minute or less using in-built tools. No other software offers so many benefits for such a low price.


 With the Glorify App, you can create stunning product images for your e-commerce business to help with conversions.

Graphic design is one of the most vital elements of e-commerce, such as success or failure. With the right skills and experience, you can create an effective graphic design for a company.

But how will you make images for your e-commerce products if you lack graphic design skills?

You do not have to worry since Glorify App is one of the best design tools. It focuses on creating images for eCommerce products.


To buy something from your store, a buyer looks at the product’s image first and decides based on its appearance and presentation.

The mere sight of product images can sway people into buying it, and I have seen many instances of this happening. A large number of eCommerce business owners, however, do not generate sales due to poor product presentations.

A co-founder at Glorify App, Omar Farook, created an amazing application to solve this problem, helping him create stunning images for his products.

It is important to choose images that best represent your business, your company, and your brand. Your store will become recognized and desirable if you follow those three steps.

Your eCommerce business can run smoothly with the Glorify App. Easy to use, it helps entrepreneurs and eCommerce owners to design eye-catching images for their products.

Depending on your niche, you can choose from several different thematic template sizes. The program also boasts features like Background removal, Image effects, Shadows, and reflections, a logo maker, brand design, and more.


Credit : Glorify App

There is a wide range of templates and design options available to you depending on your niche.


Having ordinary pictures of your products won’t set you apart from the competition. To make it worth viewing, an app needs to add some touches. Glorify offers several fixtures that are pre-installed so you can easily add amazing effects to your products. There are thousands of templates available from which you can choose and start making changes to your idea. Also, you can change the plain text in the templates to reflect the brand and message you want to convey.

Moreover, there is a template for various platforms available in the application. In addition to offering templates for different social media posts, they have also made it possible for you to advertise your products beyond your online store. Use Glorify to advertise your product or niche on Facebook through banners, Instagram covers, and e-books. The time you can save with this tool will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Your locally made products need images uploaded to Amazon, eBay, or Shopify if you are a seller on those sites. New background can easily be added to a smartphone product shot without having to go through the stress of photoshopping. With the Glory app, you can use an attractive template to paste the item on top of the background. 

With Glorify, you can get this done in seconds more easily. You simply have to use a red marker and green marker to crop an item from a background when using the Glorify tools. 

Afterward, you can edit the new background to your satisfaction by placing the item on the new template.


Showing your audience what makes your product superior to others is the best way to gain their attention and win over the growing competition. If you can show those differences in an image, you will even see a high conversion rate. This is where the Glorify App comes in handy. This software allows you to label your product’s hottest features. In this case, you won’t run into any problems describing the new features the manufacturer just added to the product in your article. You could make your article more valuable by doing so.


Imagine creating a stunning design for a product that you wish to promote through social media pages. But how will you do that?

Here you should use the Glorify app. With this software, users can resize any image or design to fit their social media preferences all is just one click away.


By branding your business online, you can market it online as well. Thus, the software comes with a logo maker that will help you design a logo for your business in a few minutes. With this tool, you can create a simple but catching logo for your business. The process is very easy and doesn’t require any graphic designing knowledge.


There is no way that anyone could have imagined how cheap this software is. The software is available at a reduced price if purchased annually. In the meantime, you can gain access to discounts by signing up on their website.


The Glorify App provides its users with stock libraries that contain almost everything necessary to create quality product images. Besides royalty-free photos, the stock library also contains shapes, icons, color pallets, Google fonts, visual effects, and actual human models to help you better represent your products.


 With the Glorify App, you can design a wide range of marketing assets using thousands of professionally designed templates, like:

 Covers for social media

Posts on social media

Thumbnails for video

• Paid advertisements

Website, email, and blog headers

• Page content

• eBooks


Through live webinars, eBooks, podcasts, etc., Glory App provides an ongoing stream of resources for its users.

The company plans to launch an academy offering several courses for rapidly building a business.


You must buy a subscription to use the Glory App for your eCommerce store. It is a paid web-based application.

However, to make sure their customers are satisfied, they do provide a 14-day trial of the software. The Pro plan is $12.99/month. The Pro plan costs $37.99/MO; however, the Glorify Business plan costs $37.99/MO which gives you unlimited brand accounts, unlimited BG removal, priority support, etc.


  • Regardless of the products you sell or the website on which you sell them, the Glorify app is an ideal tool for creating product photos for online sellers. In addition to Amazon and Shopify, it will support WooCommerce as well. Utilizing Glorify’s unique features and templates, you can raise profit, sales, and conversions using conversion-driven product photos.
  • The Instagram Influencers industry is booming and if you’re one of the influencers, you can boost your engagement and sales today by glorifying your product photos.
  • Funnel Hackers. 
  • Drop-Shippers.

GLORIFY VS CANVA : Who Is The Winner?

Which one is better? Users often ask this question. Canva or Glorify App? We all know that both are graphic design programs, and Canva stands out for its ability to create truly stunning designs. In contrast to Canva, Glorify App was designed solely to assist eCommerce business owners and entrepreneurs in selling products more efficiently. Glorify App is more focused on designing products for eCommerce. Canva fails to provide such specific features that Glorify offers to its users which is the reason it stands out in the online market


  • Solo Plan for Glorify Pro, $97/lifetime. Whether you are a tiny retailer, a YouTuber or an Influencer, a Dropshipper, an Instagram Influencer, a freelancer, or a blogger just starting, it is the best option.
  • Get Glory Pro for $197/lifetime. Ideal for small teams and organizations, where members can share a single account. 
  • Glory Enterprise Plan – $397/lifetime. Those who work in a big agency, large e-commerce seller, or startup — anyone who takes care of brands and consumers and has a large team to implement this method.
  • You can upgrade your plan during the LTD deal period, and all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Which Glorify Plan should you buy?

  • First and foremost, take advantage of the LTD deal because this is the last chance to receive a 93% discount on their plans. 
  • Furthermore, whether you’re someone who does a lot of graphic design, or an eCommerce expert, a Dropshipper, a blogger, a YouTuber, or a person who runs a design agency, grab the business or enterprise plan. 
  • Regardless of whether you’re a small team or company looking for a good replacement for Canva, I suggest you look at Pro Startup Plan. 
  • The Solo Plan is perfect for freelancers and people with tight budgets. 


Glory App offers its users 14 days of free testing of their application, which is plenty of time to get satisfied. There are some restrictions and limited features, but since you won’t be paying, it’s fine. Further, those features are quite adequate for testing Glorify App’s quality and performance for your eCommerce business


  • Beginners can start right away.
  • A great collection of templates.
  • Your local PC resources are not used.
  • Design of the front, middle, and back covers of a book.
  • Amazing Icons.


  • Module for designing logos.
  • When downloading large files, it appears to take 20-30 seconds.


Keeping it simple is important. You’ll never regret choosing Glorify App to create designs for your eCommerce products over Canva. This is because it provides a wide range of design options. Alternatively, since Canva is a free tool, you can use it, but you won’t get all the features you require for your business design. Your sales will increase if you invest in Glorify App. Because of my experience, I recommend Glorify App to all people who are looking for a design tool that won’t take up their time like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. So what do you still need? Use the Glorify App to make your audience feel professional and to get lots of sales.

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