Is Google Search Console down with 500 error?

Google Search console down error 500

Do you have the same problem while logging in to google search console ? Do you want to know if the Google Webmaster Tool is down?   

“500. That’s an error.

There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know.”

I opened the Brother guides search console earlier today to check the performance this month, But could not login because it was down.

 I have noticed the search console is down on all my Google accounts as well as clients’ accounts. 

Several website owners today are likely to be affected by the issue, because it is of huge concern.

A 500 error is currently displayed when trying to view a domain property in Google Search Console, formerly Webmaster Tools.

To be sure the issue is not specific to my account, I’ve tested this across several browsers.

In an entire thread, Google reports a totally different problem, in which many users also report this issue on Social Media. It appears that the problem is widespread.

Although the error has persisted for quite a while since I’ve tested it, it typically comes back up in minutes when a Google service goes down.

Nevertheless, Google Experts are working on the problem and we’ll hear good news soon!

Do Let us know if your Google Search Console is down with 500 error.

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