Top 10 Highest Paying URL Shorteners in 2022

In the hunt for a good and highest paying URL shorteners? URL can be a good source of income for you without having a website or any skill. Online money-making is not easy, as we all know. We need to fight a lot to earn dollars. However, some may already be aware that there are several scams and fake websites that do not pay. Making money online is therefore essential. Choosing a legitimate website to pay on time is critical. In this age of technology majority of well-known sites demand short URL shorteners. Here we have gathered some of the best URLs for you. So read it till the end; it may bring change to your earning ways.

What are URLs?

You may first want to know what a URL shortener is?

URL shorteners shorten your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) by decreasing the number of characters. It’s easier to remember and track if the address is more easily recognizable. Most social websites require a short URL for a better user experience, which is why a link shortener plays a vital role.  

Advantages of URL shortener

There is a reason to use a URL shortener. Using a URL shortener ensures that your social posts are as brief as possible but don’t take up too much space. We have gathered some key advantages for you of using a URL shortener. 

  • The shorter the URL, the more people will be attracted. On the contrary, easier and simpler URLs tell more about the traffic coming to your site. Therefore, unless your URL consists of different numbers and characters, you do not need to shorten it. URLs encourage sharing of content through social media sites. 
  • Furthermore, appealing the URLs are, the more likely they will get you organic traffic. Despite its apparent insignificance, shortening your URL could significantly affect whether people click on your links.
  • A good URL contributes to monitoring the traffic to your website. Additionally, they can help you keep track of your activity throughout the time.

Links must not damage your credibility, even if they are short. It may be helpful to use URL shorteners, but they usually mask the link’s original content, which increases customer suspicion. The brand must always ensure that its links lead customers to the appropriate content to maintain customer satisfaction.

How does a URL shortener make money?

As a first step, there is more that you can do than collect, analyze, and resell industrial data about websites. When users click on their websites, these companies can collect demographic information and learn what URL shorteners are used. A URL shortener may also display advertisements from businesses. Some URL shorteners may charge subscription fees because of this. Their websites or apps could also be monetized by charging advertisers for traffic increase services. The affiliate marketer receives a portion of the cost for promoting cut links.

10 Highest Paying URL Shorteners

Let’s get to the good part; what are some of the best URL shorteners out there? You can use the following URL shorteners to shorten your URLs


One of the top URL shorteners of 2022, it is also considered the best. In addition, it is regarded as one of the best URL shorteners in the industry. 

Get rewards for sharing, tracking, and shortening your links with This service rewards you for each link you share. You may also create short links effectively with the tool, which is free. Making money with a link doesn’t require a lot of investment on your part. To begin with, you will need to create an account on the website. After making the account, you must complete the URL link as soon as possible. You will earn money from anyone who visits your URL. Earning money is as simple as following three steps. 

It is important to note that also has an administration panel, another wonderful feature it offers. This way, all links can be tracked and controlled from one place. You only have to click on one button to get started, and the process is really simple. It is also possible to analyze what is bringing you the most income through detailed statistics that can also be found on this website. Furthermore, you can use these statistics to strategize more effectively. The lowest rates in the industry make the best option for you to earn money from the traffic you bring to your links.

Using this tool has a lot of value since you don’t need to pay them anything. They also offer a $3 minimum payout. Hence, you can request a payment even if you have earned only $3. Referral bonuses are also available on Your friends’ earnings are also credited to your account when they refer friends to APIs are also available for shortening links and bringing in creative ideas. You can also get help from a 24/7 support team.

2. – Highest Paying 

With CPM rates up to $20 per 1000 impressions, ShrinkEarn is probably the highest-paying URL shortener. The company also offers referral commissions of up to 20%, which can help you earn more. Unlike other networks on the internet, ShirnkEarn pays you on time. Their support team will also assist you with any issues you may have.

The URL shortener I use is quite good for me, and I have been quite happy with it. There is nothing like the results. The referral program allows you to earn a decent amount by referring people and making shortened links. This is why ShrinkEarn will always be my favorite, and I am sure that this will be the same for you as well.


A website like provides UL shortening services that are fast developing and reliable. 

Aside from that, offers you tremendous opportunities to earn a huge amount of money every month. You will earn a commission every time you refer someone for as long as they stay with us, and this commission will remain with you forever. is the best solution for websites with millions of subscribers, so join them as soon as possible. Using, you can turn social media shares such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin into income sources.

You can see your sales daily through their reporting interface and change business techniques as needed. Your innovative and propelled thoughts can be breathed life into with their simple API. 


Those interested in making money from shortening URLs cannot ignore I think it is one of the best link shorteners for earning money because a few reasons make it the best. First, you will be paid every time someone clicks on the link you provide on the platform. Moreover, you have the possibility of receiving up to $70 for every 1,000 views you get, which is quite impressive.

You need to bring traffic from German-speaking countries if you want to break the $70 barrier. Along with ACH and PayPal, offers to pay via bank transfer, Amazon coupon, and Paysafecard, as well as paying via Amazon coupons. In addition to being relatively user-friendly, is one of the most popular link shortening platforms. An integrated dashboard gives you control over all your shortened links and campaigns.


While is unknown to many online users, it claims that multiple views from the same IP address are also counted as effective clicks. It only takes 5 USD for users to get paid.

UIZ has received 8,400,000 clicks worldwide, and 9,000 users have registered to use the service. Greenland, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Denmark were the top regions that received the most payments from UIZ. The United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Australia make up the second tier. 

This URL shortener is generally recommended for people from countries other than Europeans and Americans.

Upon reaching the minimum withdrawal amount, withdrawals are generated automatically every Monday. Leaves must be at least $5. Payments are made within 24–72 hours.

6. – Effective URL

Is it true that you are searching for an effective URL shortener that will allow you to make decent money using it?

Clicksfly is an easy and transparent URL shortener that lets you shorten your URLs easily. Withdrawals can be made instantly if you meet the minimum withdrawal limits, making it easy to make money.

Using URL shorteners brings in a real income for many people. It is, therefore, safe to say that Clicksfly is 100% legitimate. I recommend this over Linkvertise because it offers you the opportunity to earn up to $200 per 10000 views, which is quite a good income.

My recommendation is to take the time and effort to do it as it will be well worth the effort you put into it. This trustworthy, transparent, and easy-to-use URL shortener will help you earn money quickly and easily. Furthermore, it offers you a lifetime referral commission of 25% on your referrals.

7. – Best Monetizing

Linksop is one of the best URL shorteners on the market regarding monetization. There are a lot of people who use it to generate money, and it’s a great way to generate money. Let’s make smart decisions when it comes to earning money!

With the rising number of clicks, shorten the links, share them, and you will earn money. Upon reaching 1000 views, you can cash out $25. In addition, you should make sure that people are aware of it. Using their splendid customized interface, you can administer and monitor your earnings. Your clicks, CPMs, earnings growth, etc., can be viewed in real-time. They also offer 24/7 customer service. They pay at a specific time regularly, and the minimum payout is about $5.


A URL shortener like is among the fastest developing URL shorteners available today. This company has over 70k clients enrolled in its program and has the most special rates for its clients.

If you are a citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, you can earn $5 for 1000 clicks. There are many differences between nations in terms of this. There is a direct relationship between the number of views and the income. There is also an option to earn extra money by referring friends to this site. Across the globe, CPM is $1.6. They have a sophisticated and transparent reporting interface, making the reporting process quite straightforward. The payments they make are made every 24 hours, so you can have a complete insight into what is happening with your money. They have a friendly and helpful system that is available around the clock. They pay out at a minimum of $5 per transaction.

9. Bitly- Most Popular 

There is no doubt that Bitly is one of the most popular URL shortening services on the internet. A major reason it has become so popular is that it does not require creating an account before you can begin using it. Making as many short links as possible is possible, so you do not have to limit yourself.

Using Bitly, you can track the click-through rates of links, the location of the click, and other statistics. This will allow you to fine-tune the campaign efforts and share your content in the places that are more likely to be seen and interacted with by the right people. As well as automating other tools that support Zapier, Bitly can be integrated with Zapier, so you can further streamline your marketing efforts.

To prevent third-party tampering, Bitly links are encrypted with HTTPS. You won’t have to worry about hijacked short links that take your target audience elsewhere.

The ‘’ portion can be substituted with your brand if you want to by creating QR codes, using deep mobile links, and driving the right people to the right content at the right time.

Without an account, you can use the service for free. Create an account for easier link creation and management. Premium plans start at $29/month and include a custom domain and branded links.


With, you can shorten URLs for branding purposes by creating custom URL completions.

A link tracking account is not required to access statistics such as returning clicks, location or origin, browsers, and unique visitors. Manage, filter, tag, and search functions allow you to find the URLs you need, edit or delete URLs you want, and view your entire link history.

Besides bookmarking the tool for easier access, allows you to create links for SMS messages, email campaigns, social media, and advertisements, utilize QR codes and track stats, and use any custom URL slug you desire.

Links can be edited, tagged, and organized with the free plan. A premium subscription starts at $5 a month and includes a custom domain, multiple users, and link and click tracking by location.

URL shorteners: Making money

Link monetization

Using a URL shortener to shorten your website’s links is the best and most long-term way to earn money. People who do not own a website might not be able to use this. A bulk shortening script is provided by most of the URL shortener sites. Copy and paste this script just above the end of the body tag and place it in the right place.

You will be credited for every click a visitor makes on a link on your website after you place the script. All your website’s links will be converted automatically when your website loads.

The single and multiple link options can be used if you don’t want to shorten all links. Shortened links need to be manually replaced after shrinking.

Social Media

In terms of earning money, this is the easiest and most convenient method, but it is a short-term option too. Millions of people browse social media sites every day, especially Facebook, as it is where millions spend most of their time.

The URL of the website to which you are going to connect should be shortened to the URL of the trending topic that your friends like, along with the post’s title. Please share it on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and let people know what you are doing. You will receive a credit if your link is clicked and your account is credited for that click.

Bottom Line

URL shorteners come and go. It is your choice to select the one you think is the right. I have mentioned some of the best URLs in 2022 to make it easy for you to choose. I recommend you read each URL’s details thoroughly and then decide which one you will need.

Note :

Our team at brother guides is constantly looking for the best and highest paying url shortners. According to our experience and customer reviews, these rankings are subject to change. Our company conducts regular surveys and audits these businesses to ensure they are providing the best service to our customers.

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