How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

People thrive to find good quality earplugs but not all brands provide the product of quality. Apple’s Powerbeats are one of the best things that could ever happen to an individual. It is just a matter of seconds to just connect your Powerbeats to any device. However, to enjoy your relaxing music and to enhance your experience as a newbie with the latest window, you must know how to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10. In this article, we have brought all the necessary steps you may require to connect your Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10.

Is Beats compatible with Windows 10?

Certainly. There is no problem with the Powerbeats Pro earphones working with Windows 10. Nevertheless, to use the earbuds on the device, you have to pair them first with a PC that runs Windows 10 before you can use them.

Step 1: Turn the Powerbeats Pro On

You can check the user guide that came with your Powerbeats headphones if you are unsure where the power button is located.

You will see the light illuminate once you press the power button for 5 seconds and you will be able to power on your beats.

To prevent your laptop from being affected by any audio, it would be a good idea to turn it off. 

Step 2: Open Bluetooth

Once you have turned the Powerbeats pro on the next thing that you have to do is to connect it with your laptop. Follow the given steps to connect your Powerbeats pro with your laptop.

  • Click on the Windows icon that appears on the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Go to “settings”
  • Scroll down to Bluetooth and other settings and click on it

However, you can also do this by giving a voice command on Cortona. It is the Siri of windows that will open the desired location for you.

Step 3: Connect The Powerbeats Pro with Windows 10

Now, you have to find the Bluetooth settings on your laptop and then you can add another Bluetooth device.

  • Look for the Powerbeats pro in the list of devices
  • From the list of devices available, you need to select the Powerbeats device.
  • Make sure that Beats is turned on before moving forward 

Within minutes of picking up the laptop, the drivers will automatically pair with it and install some necessary drivers for you. As soon as the device has been successfully connected, you will receive an email notification on your laptop. 

Connecting To Another Laptop

You may now ask how to connect Powerbeats pro to a laptop in general? The Powerbeats pro can be detached from the previous device simply by reversing the above steps and connecting them to another laptop just by following the same steps as previously described.

Powerbeats Not Found By Windows 

No matter you have learned how to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 but what if your windows are unable to locate your Powerbeats pro? We have a solution for that too.

Turn Off Bluetooth In Every Device

In case you are connected to your Powerbeats with any other device, a simple way of disconnecting will be to turn off Bluetooth on your other device.

Hold Down The Power Button Of Your Beats 

There is another way you can do this which would be to hold the power button down for a long period (about ten seconds) and then you will be able to connect your laptop or PC.

Enable Your Bluetooth Driver

You can also enable the Bluetooth driver by going to the device manager so that you can connect to Bluetooth devices on your devices. You can select and enable Beats Select and Enable Devices from the Bluetooth section or the audio, video, and game controller section. 

Out-Dated Bluetooth Driver

Your computer may not be able to detect your Beats wireless headphones due to a missing or outdated Bluetooth driver. If the problem persists, you might try updating your Bluetooth driver.

The following two methods will help you update Bluetooth drivers.

  1. Check the system for Bluetooth updates by looking for Windows update notifications.
  2. Ensure that the software in the Powerbeats Pro headset has been updated.

How To Update Bluetooth Driver?

If you are looking for a method to know how to update your Bluetooth driver, follow the given steps:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Locate Device Manager and click on it.
  • You will see the name of the headphone listed under the list of devices.
  • When you right-click on the name, you will have the option of updating the driver.


Through this article, you may have learned how to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10. Several other hacks were mentioned to help troubleshoot.

In this case, you should be able to connect seamlessly with headphones using the latest audio device drivers, irrespective of what type of device you are using. Buy original headsets or you will wind up with unstable firmware.

 If you are unable to update drivers on your own, an external technician can assist you. While it may appear daunting to an amateur, the process takes only a few minutes.

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