HOW TO FIX [PII_EMAIL_36513D782F033D9A8074] ERROR?


MS Outlook is known for its well-organized email management system. Email accounts like those associated with clients or users can be organized. You can easily send, forward, reply, and navigate your inbox and folders using keyboard commands.

You don’t have to search by links to find the attachments, you can find them by hitting direct commands. Contacts can easily be managed through this device, and you can get it directly from your outlook account. It is possible that you see this error when using your important daily routine work [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074].

In many cases, the [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074] error is caused by the use of multiple Outlook accounts without clearing out the cache, or the installation of any old, outdated software on your computer.

The reason behind the error [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074]

  • The system isn’t cleared of its cache when there are multiple Microsoft accounts.
  • Microsoft Outlook does not have a web application.
  • Your desktop may show this message due to the installation of outdated software.
  • You are using an older version of outlook software.

This article explains the main reasons that cause an error of this kind: [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074].

Problem solved for [email_36513d782f033d9a8074]

Here’s a look at how you can get rid of the [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074] error.

First solution. Delete all cookies and cache:

When you use outlook on a daily basis, it collects a lot of data, which can cause [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074] errors.

Terminate the application and start it again after clearing the cache and cookies. The error may be removed if you do this. Use no more than 2 accounts on each device to avoid this error. The error may reappear after you clear the cache and cookies.

If that does not eliminate it, then the second issue may be the following. Read more about [PII_EMAIL_E3C123DA2E24D688DED6] ERROR CODE.

Second solution. Update Outlook.

In some cases, an older version of the outlook application causes the [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074] error to appear.

The corrupted outlook program needs to be uninstalled, and the latest version can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. Your error can be removed from this program. You will need to follow the 3rd step in the following if you are still experiencing the same issue.

Third Solution. Use Outlook’s web application:

Using Outlook’s web application will help you avoid the error [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074]. Due to the fact that web applications are continually updated. 99% of errors are gone through direct access from a web application.

Fourth Solution. Ensure you have the latest version of Outlook:

Most of the time, an old or outdated version of outlook gives the [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074] error. When you sign in again, all of your previous data will be available again since the older version of the store is not deleted.

You won’t see this error in outlook anymore with the latest version. When Microsoft releases a new version of the office, keep up with the updates. Newer versions are always better than older versions. Whenever there is a malfunction or some other issue with the system, a software update is necessary.


Software should always be updated to the latest version to avoid bugs and missing functionality. They only update their software to improve the user experience. There is no company that does not try to ensure that its products are trouble-free for its customers. Throughout the year, we’ll keep you informed about many types of solutions that can be helpful in your daily life.

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