Is Whatsapp down right now in Pakistan?

Whatsapp down in pakistan

Everyone is wondering why WhatsApp is not working right now in Pakistan. WhatsApp not working today not just in Pakistan but in the most parts of the world.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has been unavailable for thousands of users around the globe. It appears that a massive outage of WhatsApp has caused the problems. It is no longer possible for users to send or receive text messages, images, documents, and video messages. This hurricane of an outage has also impacted voice and video calls, as well as other popular Facebook-owned services, such as Instagram and the main Facebook app. WhatsApp Desktop, iPhone and Android users have been affected by the issues.

A WhatsApp outage reported at 8:23 pm resulted in 17,659 complaints by 9:06 pm Pakistan Standard Time.

Facebook went down shortly after Instagram went down at 7:59pm, according to the website.

This was not the first outage for WhatsApp, as it had occurred in March and was resolved hours later, but the cause has not been officially announced by the company. In addition, earlier this month, Instagram was also down.

How does WhatsApp send messages?

When sending texts, the bottom right corner of the message will display a small clock icon. When this shows, the text is not yet sent. If your message reaches WhatsApp’s servers, it displays a single tick. When the text reaches your recipient’s smartphone from the servers, a double-tick appears. The blue ticks mean WhatsApp was opened and the recipient read the message. 

Images, videos, and PDFs all include these symbols. If you try to call a recipient, you will see the usual phone interface and WhatsApp will say that it is “calling”, but there will be no response. The main WhatsApp interface will appear after enough time

Additionally, there were over 20,000 complaints filed about Facebook and Instagram over the globe, the portal showed.

Over 14,000 users of WhatsApp and nearly 3,000 users of Messenger were unable to access the social giant’s instant messaging platform.

What does headquarters have to say?

As a result of the outage, WhatsApp took to Facebook to tell its users that they should be patient as it works to resolve the issue.

“We’re aware that some people are experiencing issues with WhatsApp at the moment. We’re working to get things back to normal and will send an update here as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!”

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