MIP 67 Error: 5 Ways To Remove It

MIP 67 Errors

A machinery’s normal working is always interrupted by errors in software. however, this causes unease and interruption in normal functioning. Therefore, there are numerous ways to remove those errors. One of the most common types of error is MIP 67 errors. When a MIP 67 error occurs, an annoying message displays again and again testing your patience. It will continue appearing until you find a solution for it. However, to find the solution for MIP 67 errors, you must know what is MIP?

What Is MIP?

In its simplest form, MIP stands for Mobile Internet Protocol. The protocol’s primary function is to allow Android phones to connect to the internet using their mobile data connection.

What Is MIP 67 Error?

A MIP error occurs when the phone does not connect with the mobile data. MIP error mean 

Occasionally, an anomaly or cache error may cause the software to behave abnormally and display an error message named ‘MIP 67 error’ every time an internet connection is made.

Why does MIP 67 Occur?

MIP 67 errors are normally displayed when your device cannot access cellular services. 

If provisioning is incorrect, the pop-up might appear. When an old sim card and number are used with a new sim card, certain devices will produce the MIP 67 error. If your mobile data is on and you have a sim card installed without service, you may also experience this error. 

How to Fix MIP 67 Error?

We have covered a range of methods that can be used to solve the MIP 67 error. To avoid the MIP 67 pop-up and normally use Wi-Fi while using a device that is having this issue, you can put your device in airplane mode. Below are the methods that can be used to resolve the issue:

Restart Mobile Data

Since the device won’t attempt to check for cellular services, turning off the mobile data will completely stop the pop-up, but you should fix the issue, not just avoid it. It is advisable to turn back on mobile data after turning off mobile data. The SIM card can be removed and reinserted if it does not work.  

Restart Your Device

If you are still experiencing issues, try restarting your device. Take a moment to do so, since it only takes a minute. Generally, if you hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap the restart button, you can restart the device. The pop-up should not appear again once your device is turned on so you can access all their cellular services.

 Changing Network Mode

  • Select the LTE/CDMA radio type from the Settings menu, under Mobile networks.
  • Afterwards, go to Settings > General > System Updates > Update Profile. 
  • If you were using the wrong network mode, the error will not appear again.

Updating PRL

CDMA devices store a database called the Preferred Roaming List (PRL), which contains information that is used in the acquisition process. To receive excellent service, it is recommended that you periodically update the PRL. If you are dealing with the MIP 67 pop-up issue, this method can sometimes help resolve it. 

Ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on on your device before you begin the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap the Software update option.
  3. Scroll down and tap Update PRL.
  4. Click OK after the update is complete.

Change MSID 

Your device cannot use cellular services if you use the wrong MSID (Mobile Station ID), also known as MIN (Mobile Identification Number). This causes MIP 67 authentication errors. 

Your service provider’s customer support needs to be contacted to get your MSID; once you have it, proceed as follows:

  • Enter ##847446# in the dial app and choose Edit.
  • Tap OK once you’ve entered the MSID provided by the support team. 
  • As soon as you reboot your handset, you should no longer see the MIP 67 pop up.

What to Do If Nothing Works?

You have tried all of the methods but nothing has worked for you. Perhaps there is one more thing you can try. Some solutions are discussed below. 

  1. You can turn it off and on your device by dialling ##72786#. This will restart your device, and will sometimes fix MIP 67. 
  2. By contacting the customer support team of your service provider, you can verify that the ESN and SIM numbers listed on your account are correct.
  3. Reset your device to factory settings when nothing works. If you factory reset your phone, all your data will be erased; that is why you should back up your data before resetting it. 
  4. If nothing else works (which is highly unlikely), you can remove the sim card from your phone and connect it to Wi-Fi. 


Even though MIP 67 errors are uncommon, everybody is equally likely to experience them. It is important to fix it as soon as possible as it causes the display to pop several times a day. As a general rule, popups appear when we activate our mobile data and then disappear when we turn it off. I am happy to say that there are several ways of resolving MIPI error message 67. For devices that do not work with any of the suggested methods, take the device to a service center that will fix all problems. Keep following Brother guides for more relevant articles about Android

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