PPT Design Review: Best Infographic Templates Provider?


A PowerPoint presentation never goes out of style. Every step of the way, employees, employees, and students must prepare PowerPoint presentations to express a point or propose a new idea. Nevertheless, many of us struggle with how to add interesting and eye-catching infographics to deliver our points in an entertaining way while preparing such presentations.

Our main source of infographic templates is random websites. Such infographics are indeed a headache to work with if you have ever tried them. Such templates are nearly impossible to edit and changing their colors is no easy feat. In addition, they tend to be outdated and over-used.

It all changes with PPT-Design. Unique templates that are simple to modify and adjust are what it specializes in. Changing a template no longer takes hours of sitting in front of your laptop.

Cool, huh? Want to know more? Keep reading. 

PPT-Design – What is it?

PowerPoint Infographic Templates

Founded in 2021, PPT-Design has become known for providing the best PowerPoint infographic templates. Currently, this site offers 3087+ Powerpoint templates that are updated regularly to include the latest designs and themes. Using PPT-Design, you can make a lasting impression on your audience and communicate effectively.

These templates can also be easily edited by adding text and adjusting the color scheme within seconds. The average person spends about 20-30 minutes adjusting templates because they are hard to edit.

You can produce your PowerPoint presentation in just minutes with Infographics.

Work smarter rather than harder is the common saying. PPT-Design helps you achieve your goals as well as get your message across. 

Furthermore, PPT-Design’s slides are compatible with Google Slides and can be downloaded in PowerPoint format. Furthermore, PPT-Design slides are 100% vector-based so you don’t have to worry about pixelation. In addition, PPT-Design templates are smaller in size than those downloaded from other websites.

What’s so special about PPT-Design?

Here’s what makes it so great:

Effective and professional designs

Hundreds of themes and designs are available on PPT-Design. Various categories and styles are available on this site to accommodate all kinds of presentations and messages. Your presentation data can be presented visually in a pleasing manner by selecting the theme or style that suits the message of your presentation.

Slides built with vector graphics

PowerPoint Vector Based Templates

Every slide in PPT-Design is created using vector graphics. They are never pixelated. Therefore, even if you download the images or copy-paste them here and there, their quality will not be affected. Thus, feel free to use the templates however you see fit without worrying about the quality of the images.  

Customizable PowerPoint Templates

Slides can be easily edited and adjusted using PPT-Design. Downloading and editing template files from the internet is a time-consuming and difficult process. PPT-Design, however, allows you to edit slides with a single click. You can edit shapes and text, change colors, delete elements, etc. with a single click.

Receive regular updates

Updates and additions to the PPT-Design templates are regular. The goal is to ensure that any presentation for academics or business does not look outdated, routine, and boring. With a variety of templates and the latest technology, PPT-Design will help you deliver your message and impress your audience to achieve your goals.

Quick and easy

By simplifying and streamlining everything, this infographics provider helps you save time. PPT-Design slides can easily be customized, making it easy to modify the template of your presentation without having to spend a lot of time adjusting it. Once you become familiar with it, you’ll be able to insert text and change the color scheme within 10 minutes.

Google Slides & Keynote Compatible PPT Infographics

PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

This template is compatible with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote. In all three apps, PPT-Design slides can be opened without any problems. PPT-Design infographics can be seen across all three workspaces simply by installing the add-on/extension.

Less file Size

Its infographics template is smaller than those on other sites. A smaller file is easier to download and puts less strain on your PC. So please feel free to download and use the infographics of PPT-Design.

Sort by category

PowerPoint Templates Categories

With so many different designs available, how can I choose the right one? If you browse the category, you can find relevant PowerPoint slides and infographics. See categories here.

PPT Design Add-ons: Where Can You Find Them?

Perhaps you are wondering how to obtain these PowerPoint add-ons. Here’s how. There are two options for adding addons to PowerPoint and Google Slides on the homepage.

PPT Design for Microsoft PowerPoint

For Microsoft PowerPoint: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200003052?src=office&tab=Overview

PPT Design for Google Sldies

For Google Slides: https://workspace.google.com/u/0/marketplace/app/pptdesign_infographics_templates/524712106511

PPT-Design Pricing

PPT Design Pricings

For $120/year, you can get access to 3000+ infographics, a PowerPoint add-in, a Google Slides add-on, and 500 monthly downloads.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Lifetime Access Plan that is available for $600. It includes all the features of the Annual Plan as well as a free customized template, lifetime updates, and unlimited downloads. 

Trial Period

Nevertheless, I doubt anyone would pay for an item without trying it first, right? For this reason, PPT-Design offers a free trial period of seven days. Now you can try it for free and decide if it’s worth your money.

Final Thoughts: Is PPT-Design Worth It?

It has been great for creating presentations for my company. I have used it personally and it turned out beautifully. In addition to providing the audience with a visual representation of the content, the Infographics delivered by PPT-Design help the audience understand the presentation’s message. These templates also enhance the presentation’s professional appearance.

PPT-Design has overall met my expectations and I recommend it to those who give presentations frequently. To test it out, just sign up here and start using it for free for 7 days.

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