How To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death [Fixed]

Ever faced Samsung TV black screen of deathOne of the major issues found on Samsung devices is a black screen of death. However, many other issues may also occur on Samsung devices. However, the good thing is that you can use some possible ways to fix this issue. So, if you want to learn more about those solutions, read on to the end of this article.

Why Is It Happening?

Cable Connection Issue

It might be possible that the HDMI cable is not correctly connected between the smart Hub and the TV. In addition, there could be many other cables causing issues like ethernet or even DVD connectors. Thus, you need to be vigilant about the type of lead and what could be the best possible way to solve the issue.

Outdated Firmware

Another reason that we can point out is the outdated firmware of your TV. As a general rule, modern TVs are accommodated by the system to run the most current apps that are available for them. But if that OS is not the updated one, your TV will not work; instead, you will see the Samsung TV black screen of death. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the firmware of the TV and keep it updated.

Hardware Malfunction

another reason for the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death is malfunctioning hardware. There could be hardware that has been attached to your TV and has now stopped working. That hardware could be a faulty circuit board or a faulty TV panel. Thus to solve this, you would most likely need professional help. Faster you get professional service soon will your TV be in working form.

Input Setting Problem

Input settings may need to be optimized, as you may not have optimized them previously. Nevertheless, the settings that aren’t compatible may cause a black screen to appear. To address this issue, try to improve the settings on your television.

How To Fix

Reset your TV

Try resetting your TV if you face the Samsung TV black screen of death. If you reset your TV in this way, you will clear all the TV settings and data and any bugs or glitches that might have been present.

Steps To Reset

 The following steps will help you fix the Samsung Smart TV black screen issue that you may be experiencing. To reset the TV, follow the steps below:

  • If you have a remote control, press the menu button to access its menu options.
  • It would be best to click on Settings from the main menu and then press Enter.
  • Click on Support and then press Enter.
  • Tap on Self Diagnosis.
  • Select the Reset button on the Self-Diagnosis page.
  • Select Reset to reset the page.
  • Input the correct pin and press Enter if you have changed the pin. Your PIN will need to be entered after you select the Reset option. Unless you change the pin, the default is 0000.
  • Once the restart process is complete, your TV will undergo a reset. To configure your TV, you need to follow the instructions onscreen.

Pick the right source

By clicking on the “sources” button on the remote, select the correct input device. If you are unsure which source is sending the signal to the TV, it would be best to remove it from the list. This should usually be set to a TV source most of the time. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to do that

  • To change the settings, go to the Settings page
  • Go to Source
  • Select TV

If, after performing these steps, you still encounter the problem, you should go on to the next step. You should ensure that the external device you are connecting to the TV is connected to the same video source.

Turn off Power Saver Mode

To save on the electricity consumption on the electric appliance, you need to do the following. If you have a smart TV, you probably set it to sleep timer mode, or you have turned it to power saving mode to conserve energy. Furthermore, the smart TV features a function that lets you close the apps in the background when the TV is not in use.

On the other hand, you can use it just fine if your television has a sleep timer or power-saving mode. It is possible to fix the Black screen of death by turning off these features.

  1. To access the menu, use your remote control.
  2. Click on the Settings menu and then select Energy Saving Mode.
  3. Select the option that reads Off.
  4. Click OK. To turn off the Power Saving mode, please follow the instructions below:

Check Cable  

As you connect all external cables to the Samsung screen, you need to make sure they are correctly connected to the Samsung screen. A loose cable may cause Samsung TV’s black screen of death to fix.

Ensure an appropriate connection between your power cable and your power supply. Occasionally there will be a problem with one of the plug-in ports, and the power cable needs to be connected to any other port. If you want to verify exactly what your computer is doing, you should turn off all cables and plug them in again as tightly as before.

Check and see if there is any damage to any cable if the problem persists. You should replace any broken or poorly shaped line with a new one if you find it is broken or poorly shaped.

Final Thoughts

 Samsung TV black screen of death are frustrating. In many cases, the culprit of this error may be cables and hardware. You should note that if this error occurs, you can quickly fix it by simply inserting the wires into the proper ports in combination with each other.

Ensure the power-saving modes of your TV are disabled if you want it to work correctly. This is the best way to optimize its performance. However, even though the system will still be able to access the features, you may have trouble accessing them if incorrect settings are made. If you want a smart TV to work, you need to keep them updated, and you should reset them now and then. For a smart TV, it is a good idea to take it to a reputable electronics shop every few months when it needs to be serviced to ensure its longevity.

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