How To Fix Samsung TV Volume Stuck Issue [Fixed]

Samsung TV Volume Stuck Issue

Today I would like to discuss the frustrating issue of Samsung TV volume being stuck. Earlier today, I was watching The Privilege on Netflix. I noticed the volume of the TV was very low. Initially, I was panicked because my Samsung TV volume control wasn’t working. When I change the volume on my Samsung TV, it stays at the volume I set it earlier. 

While browsing the internet and viewing tons of tutorials on fixing Samsung smart TV volume stuck, I came across this solution. Let me explain. 

You aren’t the only one who may have trouble turning up or down the volume on your Samsung TV. Several users have complained about this. Many of us are being affected by this issue, not only you. This blog post aims to explain what causes the Samsung TV volume to be stuck and how to fix it.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck [Fixed]

The first thing you need to do is reset the Smart Hub on the TV. Input the TV’s PIN (the default PIN is “0000”). After 30 seconds, the reset is complete. Now you can adjust the volume! Click Settings and then select Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub on your remote. 

Reset the Smart Hub

A Samsung Smart TV comes with a menu system called Smart Hub. The Smart Hub enhances TV capabilities while also making it easier to use. Using the Smart Hub, you can access all the functions of your TV, download apps, games, and browse the web.


Whenever you reset a Samsung Smart TV’s setting to factory defaults, all information associated with your Samsung account will be lost. 

After performing a Smart Hub Reset, your Smart Hub service agreements will have to be re-established, and your account will have to be relinked to any services.

Steps To Reset Samsung Smart Hub

  •     Press the Smart Hub button on your remote control after turning on your Smart TV. A Smart Hub screen will appear.
  •    To open Smart Hub’s Setting options once displayed on the screen, press the blue letter D on your Remote Control, as shown below.
  •     From the remote control, select the Reset option and press enter. You’ll see a password screen now.
  •  You will now be asked to enter the default password, 0000. After a successful reset, you will see a complete reset message. 

Free Up Memory

We occasionally add many apps to our Samsung TV and forget that it has a limited amount of storage. If turning off Smart Hub running automatically or resetting it didn’t work, you may want to delete unused apps on your Samsung TV. 

The first step you have to take to solve this problem is to go into the “Apps” menu. You can find this to the left of the search bar on the right of the home screen. If you are still having trouble changing the volume, you may need to restart your Samsung TV.

Reset Your Samsung TV Sound

If that solution doesn’t work, you can reset the volume internally. To do this, keep in mind the following steps

  •  Click on “Settings” to get started  
  • In the menu, click “Sound” 
  • Choose Expert Settings from the dropdown menu 
  • Choose the Reset Sound option 
  • By selecting reset, you will be able to reset all the sound settings on your computer.

Software Updates on your Samsung TV

One of the reasons for Samsung TV volume being stuck can be outdated software. When you have made sure that no other solution is working, you may go for updating the software of

  • To install updates, consider the following steps:
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Visit the Support page 
  • choose Software update.
  • To begin the update, select Update Now. 


For your TV to stay up-to-date, ensure that the Automatic Update option is turned on if you haven’t done so already.

Consult the device’s manual if you need instructions on updating them. If you choose to utilize one of these solutions, you will be able to regain access to your volume and will not have to worry about it freezing ever again.

What Could Be the Possible Reasons?

There could be possibly many reasons behind Samsung TV volume being stuck; however, some of them can be

Defect in TV Remote

Generally, you adjust the TV’s volume with the remote. But because the remote receives most of the abuse, check if it is the one causing the problem of Samsung TV volume being stuck or not.

Ensure that the batteries have been changed if you have not done so for a while.

Wrong TV Inputs

You can only use some A/V receivers with the remote that comes with them if you use the TV as a display and other remote controls the volume.

Therefore, it won’t be possible if you try to control the volume of your TV or other input devices using the remote control of your TV or any further remote control that can’t handle an input device. TV inputs must be controlled by a remote that can control volume.


If you suddenly discover that your reliable technology has started malfunctioning, it can be confusing and frustrating, but you need not fret. Luckily, there is always information available; no matter what problem you may have, you can easily find a blog, article, or video to help you solve it. Hence, if at any time you find that your Samsung TV volume is stuck on the screen, you will be able to use the information in this post to figure out how you can fix it. It is not uncommon for a Samsung TV volume being stuck. Fortunately, this is a known issue that you can quickly resolve.

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