Smart Bathroom Technology Trends in 2022

Over the last decade, technological advancement has been fast. Homes are being induced with the latest voice commands. Every appliance of the home can be operated with touchless or voice commands. In addition, bathroom technology trends have also been on top. There could be many things in a smart bathroom including a smart toilet, showerheads and much more. 

What is a Smart Bathroom?

Modern smart bathrooms feature advanced internet-connected technology that provides additional comfort and accessibility while simplifying bathroom routines. Modern bathrooms are equipped with the very latest smart bathroom technology trends. Various aspects of your bathroom can be controlled through voice command, giving you complete control. 

What is Included in Smart Bathroom?

bathroom technology trends may include the following features:

Shower Speakers

When it comes to shower speakers, waterproofing and battery power have historically been fairly restrictive. It is now possible to design shower speakers that will play continuously for hours at a time and recharge in a matter of minutes. This technology is enabling shower speakers to play for hours at a time and recharge almost instantly. Besides technological advances in bathroom speakers, there has also been an increase in apps for playing media. If you are in the comfort of your bathtub, you can enjoy listening to your favourite song, reading an audiobook or following a podcast.

Regarding bathroom speakers, the one issue all of them have to contend with is acoustics. In addition to providing a very easy way to keep a bathroom clean and prevent dampness, the hard, shiny surfaces in the bathroom also reflect sound very effectively which works well for singing in the shower, but not well for playing music on a speaker. The speaker systems designed for bathrooms and showers in recent years have been specially adapted for bathroom use to eliminate some of the acoustic problems associated with the rooms.

It is simply not possible to play relaxing songs on your smartphone while taking a long bath or pampering yourself in the bathroom.

Smart Shower Heads

Bathroom technology trends in 2022 also include smart showerheads. Smart showerheads have become a popular innovation in bathroom technology. The world has always had decorative showerheads as long as there have been showers. Power showers and high water pressure were the rages for some time, but the world then returned to a wide, rainfall type of shower. Showerheads have also evolved in terms of just what they can do in addition to changing tastes in styles.

You can have two types of showerheads in your intelligent bathrooms. Smart showerheads will help you reduce the water bill by monitoring how much water is used or even shutting out entirely when nobody is under the shower. Smart shower heads with entertainment features focus more on providing a better overall experience with lights, speakers, and perhaps even a virtual assistant.

Smart Toilet

Smart bathroom technologies include a smart toilet as well. The humble toilet has long been the focus of innovation in the bathroom, despite being one of the least talked about appliances in the household. Everyone who has ever heard of, let alone used, a Japanese Style Toilet has been curious about it. Since then, many other manufacturers around the world developed smart toilets, although they are a bit less extravagant than early examples.

While soft-closing seats and high- and low-volume flushing systems have been the most popular toilet technology advancements in recent years, there has been much more available. A fully smart toilet may be more costly than an installation that’s a whole new installation, but there are cheaper alternatives. Even if retrofitting a toilet seat isn’t as effective as buying and installing a smart toilet seat, it’s a lot cheaper and will give a similar result.

Floor heating system

Next on our list of bathroom technology trends is the floor heating system. The best way to wake up in the morning is to step into a warm, comfortable bed and then into a heated bathroom. Furthermore, you won’t be shivering in the cold air after your hot shower because you will be keeping warm whilst drying off. Compared with traditional heating systems, these heating systems use radiant heat to heat your bathroom.

A room can be heated more efficiently with an electric heater than a radiator. Besides, you will feel the heat more rapidly through smart temperature control, and the room can be heated more precisely. Moreover, it consumes very little energy. With a warm, cosy floor waiting for you as soon as you step from your comfortable bed.

Bathroom TV

Digital content is consumed more readily than ever before, and wireless connectivity has never been better, but for many people, the bathroom remains a place of solitude. Those who want a quiet space may not be the same as others, so the bathroom TV could be the perfect solution. As with any digital technology, its options grow, its functionality improves and its price decreases over time, so it is not a new idea to put a TV in the bathroom. 

Privacy Glass

The privacy glass is one of the best smart gadgets for bathrooms and truly a thing of the future. The opacity can be adjusted, providing privacy and natural light. Your privacy is always under your direct control because they sync with other devices, like your smartphone. You can schedule these settings in advance, which eliminates the need to set them each morning.

Using the projector, you can even cast TV shows and other media from your mobile device at the same time as you brush your teeth. It enhances the appearance of a bathroom and makes it versatile, as well as reduces energy bills.

Digital Assistants

With more and more households having more than one digital assistant, the use of Alexa and Google Home has become increasingly commonplace. Many people are wondering what can be done in the bathroom with the seemingly infinite possibilities for adding smart lights, video doorbells and even connected fridges to a connected home. Only your creativity is limited when it comes to automating the bathroom with a digital assistant.

Benefits of Smart Bathroom


Winter is a very cold time when keeping warm is hard, so the last thing you would want to do during this time is sitting on an icy cold toilet. The smarter models on the market include heated toilet seats that will improve comfort in the restroom. The temperature can be adjusted according to your preference and the weather can be adapted as the season changes.

In addition to this feature, it may also be used as a form of heat therapy, promoting increased blood flow in those who suffer from these issues to relieve any discomfort that may be felt from muscle tension. 

Using it is easy!

Aside from the obvious advantage of having a cleaner floor, this is probably another crucial advantage of modern toilets. Smart toilets have the advantage that you do not have to flush them as they automatically flush once the person stands up to leave. This, of course, means that you can be certain that waste in your bathroom will never have to sit for long periods of time. Families with small children have the benefit of having these products because they can always make sure that the toilet is flushed even when they do not remember to do so. Furthermore, they are also very beneficial to people with mobility issues as they do not have to twist or turn as they use the facilities.

Quick cleans

Some bathroom technology trends include the addition of automatic toilet bowl cleaning systems. This bowl has been completely made from ceramic, and its zirconium coating is a non-stick coating that prevents the accumulation of minerals and waste as well. Additionally, these kinds of toilets have ultraviolet lights that kill bacteria that cause bad odours, and they have automatic cleaning cycles so that you can keep them clean.


Smart bathroom technologies are tailored to fit the needs of the user. One model of the toilet may have a bunch of functions, but another model emphasizes cleanliness for all types of bodies.

In addition to the three buttons that are featured on the toilet’s side panel, it is easy to use and gives you the ability to choose the general cleaning and drying functions you need. In addition, the remote control can be used to customize any of the settings, and this can be magnetically mounted on a wall bracket, securing it to the wall. With this faucet, you can choose the positioning of the nozzle and adjust the water pressure as well as the hot air drying function, which are both adjustable to three different levels. Also, the user has the option of adjusting the water and air temperatures based on their personal preferences, as well.

Bottom Line

The bathroom technology trends in the upcoming years will be more advanced and useful. You will have everything available at your voice command. There is a continuous advancement going on in bathroom technology trends in 2022. Don’t forget to buy durable kitchen, toilet, and bathroom accessories to make your life easier than ever.

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