What Is Diagmonagent? Learn Why Diagmonagent Has Stopped Working

What is Diagmonagent?

You may come across an error diagmonagent has stopped the close app. In this article, we have explained what diagmonagent is, have answered frequently asked questions, and have also explained how to fix DiagMonAgent stopping issues.          

What Is Diagmonagent?

Samsung’s Diagnostic Monitoring Agent (DiagMonAgent) or also known as Diagnostic Monitor Agent or DPA is an internal diagnostic tool used in the fast diagnosis of any problem that may affect a Samsung device. The app can be very helpful if you’ve been receiving many notifications about your device or if you have an outdated system.

Why Is Diagmonagent Important?

Every app has a unique function such as DiagMonAgent. It is specifically available in Samsung android devices. Its main function is to monitor all the running apps as well as the installed apps of the device. If it is not available on your phone, you can install it manually from the internet. However, make sure that it is safe and not a scam. It will be good if you do your research when planning to download it.

Is Diagmonagent Safe?

Many people consider it as a virus or malware and even delete it for the fear of being hacked. However, it is bloatware.

Bloatware is software that is preinstalled in a device, occupies space, and reduces the speed and memory of the device.

Issues caused by DiagMonAgent

Spam Notification

 It is said by Samsung uses that they face unnecessary notification of an unknown application that says “sending report”. This is sent by the bloatware diagmonagent. Usually Samsung users of android 5 or above are fond of complaints regarding the issue. However, it is unknown what kind of “report” does it send or to whom. Whereas, if we use our inference technique, we can say that the report might be regarding the security of the system o about the safety of the apps installed on the device. Keep in mind that it is normal if that notification appears once when you turn the wifi on however, it must be taken into account if you constantly see the notification. It depicts some issues with your device.

Warning Message “Diagmonagent Has Stopped”

Most of the time, Samsung users face another interruption in the form of a message. The message says “DiagMonAgent has stopped”. This issue is often brought forward by Samsung Galaxy 6 users. Popping up this message is much annoying and may interrupt your normal tasks.

However, we have a list of steps that you may want to follow to remove this issue. 

Methods To Solve Issue

Hard Reset Of Mobile Phone

  • It all starts with step one. Switch off your phone and take a deep breath.
  • In the second step, it is important to keep pressing and holding the Power key simultaneously with the Volume Up key so that it will recognize and function correctly.
  • The last thing you need to do is to release the keys when you see the Android logo.
  • In this step, you will find the Android System Recovery menu on the screen
  • In Step 5 you must select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” by holding down the Volume Down key and pressing the Power key to proceed.
  • Choosing Yes will allow you to continue. 
  • After the factory reset is complete, you can choose to restart the system now.

Force And Clear Cache Stop 

Even though there are minimal chances for success with this method, clearing the cache and data and then forcing the app to quit only takes a few minutes. 

  • Click on Settings.
  •  Choose Apps. 
  • On the top right, tap the Ellipsis icon.
  •  Go to Show system apps.
  •  Go to DiagMonAgent.
  •  To clear data, tap on Clear data. 

Can I Uninstall It?

Uninstalling DiagMonAgent is the last option when all the other options fail. It is built-in software and it controls a lot of functions of your device including its security. Therefore, if you face any interruption or issue with this software try clearing the diagmonagent app cache or force stropping it. If the issue still does not resolve then you can uninstall the diagmonagent app. However, consider facing abnormal behavior of your device after the uninstallation.

What Is The Catch? 

In addition to monitoring all applications for malfunctions, DiagMonAgent also alerts you if there are any other problems. Any issues are reported to developers.

Following are some additional features of DiagMonAgent.

 Users can check if the display shows all colors.

The DiagMonAgent also provides you with the ability to check your device’s Receiver status. 

Moreover, there is a Vibration Test, which can be used to find out whether users’ phones are vibrating when they have activated the vibration mode on their phones.

Also, your device’s sensors can be tested using the DiagnosticMonAgent software.

To Wrap Up!

Diagmonagent is bloatware, specifically present in Samsung devices that provide security to the android device. However, diagmonagent can sometimes be chaotic or interrupting thus, you must follow the aforementioned step to get out of the situation ASAP!

Is It Safe To Uninstall The Diagmonagent?

Yes, it is safe to uninstall diagmonagent if the other two steps i.e. the factory data reset and clear app cache data, do not work.

Is Diagmonagent A Spyware?

No, diagmonagent is not a spyware. It is software designed to protect your device from foreign invasions and report any abnormality to the support team.

Is Diagmonagent A Virus?

Not! Diagmonagent is neither a virus nor a malware. Instead, it is bloatware that resides in the memory of the system and causes no harm other than slowing of phone or draining the battery

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