Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps: How can you fix it?

Xbox one won't turn on but beeps

People often complain about the malfunctioning of their Xbox One, and they usually say that their Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps. It can be stressful because you would never want your money wasted like this. Thus, there is always a solution. 

This article has brought some most common solutions to fix the issue of your Xbox. Whenever you have a question, “why won’t my Xbox turn onread our guide mentioned right below.

Is This Happening With Only You?

It’s not only you who have this problem, many Xbox users do as well. Even some of my closest friends tell me about the annoying beep of the Xbox. Xbox is the most popular brand that comes under the name of Microsoft. It is a name of a brand that manufactures gaming consoles. However, you can connect these consoles to televisions or computers. Whatever game you want to play will be displayed on the connected screen. Thus, you will have a high-quality image experience. Xbox one is one of the consoles from the series of Xbox.

Issues Regarding Xbox

It is a fact that a machine can never work as it works when you turn it on the very first day. Like human beings, it also has a lifetime in which it can keep entertaining you. After a specific time, it will start showing you an error and eventually stop working. This is also true for the Xbox series One. It also has some common issues with the Xbox series. It is seen that people, most often youngsters face some technical issues while playing games on Xbox that may include 

  • disc getting stuck,
  •  Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps
  •  disc won’t turn on, 
  • No signal, game launching error, and some others.

How To Sort “Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps” issue

If you find your Xbox beeping and not turning on, you must try some standard solutions first. Some of the solutions include:

Restarting The Xbox

Restarting the Xbox is the traditional way of fixing the issue, and it does not require any skill, and even a 4-year-old child can do it. However, this method is also called the “power cycle.” Turn your Xbox off and hold the power button for 10 to 5 seconds; the light will start flashing, shifting from orange to white. Thus, your Xbox One will be restarted, and there are chances this will resolve your problems.

Ejection Button

Another one of the most common methods to solve the beeping issue is to press the ejection button multiple times. By pressing the eject button repeatedly and then rebooting it. In most cases, the Xbox will usually start. However, if it does not happen, you can move towards the next step.

Changing the power outlet

It is mainly seen that when you have a power plug on which multiple devices are connected, the Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps. It may be caused by overloading. Thus, to resolve this problem, it is recommended to use different power outlets connected with fewer or no other devices. The more disconnected devices, the greater the likelihood of your problem being resolved.

Power Hindrance

The wires of the Xbox One may be twisted or broken from somewhere, causing power disruption issues resulting in the Xbox beeping but not turning on. To solve this, you can change the cable of the Xbox one instead of buying a whole new one. Changing the power cable is inexpensive and will help you save a bit.

Soft Reset

Try soft resetting the Xbox One. Here are steps you can follow to fix a problem where your XBOX one won’t turn on but beeps:

  • First of all, unplug the cord of your Xbox to stop the power supply.
  • After that, wait for some seconds and try pressing the power button multiple times. Make sure the cord is unplugged. This action will help the Xbox release extra built-up energy from the system and work smoothly.
  • Plug it back and turn the switch on.
  • Press the power button to turn it on. Notice if still the Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps. If the issue I still not resolved, move to the next step.

Inserting Disc

If the problem persists, try using the disc insertion method. To do this, first, you need to look at whether the console is empty or not. If not, take out any disc inside it and turn the console off. After that, put a tiny portion of the disc inside the disc. Then, turn the console on and put the disc completely inside when you hear a beep sound. There are chances that your “Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps” issue can be solved.

Why won’t my Xbox turn on

There could be multiple reasons Xbox One won’t turn on but makes a sound. Some of them are listed below:


 One of the leading causes of Xbox beeping can be overheating. However, it is recommended not to overuse the console. Overusing may lead to permanent damage to the console. In addition, overheating may be due to blocked ventilation. Thus, ensure the fans are working and there is enough ventilation. Moreover, you can unplug the console for some minutes to cool it down.

The Loop

Another major cause of Xbox beeping is a loop. There are several times when the console software gets stuck into a circle. It could be because of long game playing and leaving it on for hours without using, which can be solved by the ejection method.

 Power Cable Issue

If there is a beeping sound, at least one of your power cables or your power brick may be defective, or both might be broken. You should either check another brick & cable set for a solution or take your power set to someone else with an Xbox One. If their console starts acting the same way as yours, then you need to purchase a new set and play again.

Liquid on Motherboard

It is well known that liquids can damage or waterlog the internal components of many devices. An Xbox that has been waterlogged usually starts up, beeps, and then turns off after a few seconds.

Wrapping Up!

Xbox one won’t turn on, but beeps are a common issue among the Xbox series. Until now, this must have resolved your issue. However, if the problem persists, try contacting an expert. Additionally, if your console is in warranty, you can contact Microsoft Xbox One through the website to get it fixed within warranty. However, even if you do not have a warranty, you should still contact the Microsoft team to avoid any confusion by other technicians.

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