Is it true that all Xiaomi smartphones work in the United States?

Xiaomi phones works in USA

If you have a Xiaomi phone and plan to visit the U.S., you might wonder if Xiaomi works in the USA or NOT. What are your best carrier options if you live in the U.S. and want to buy a Xiaomi phone?

In this article, your brother will guide which Xiaomi phone works in the United States.

Does Xiaomi work in the U.S.?

According to the U.S. government, the Chinese company Xiaomi has no longer been blocked due to litigation with U.S. courts. Some saw the move as an intrusion as part of its battle over China’s trade with the Trump administration. However, it’s one step towards Xiaomi selling its smartphones in the U.S.

The Chinese Apple, Xiaomi. The China-based company Xiaomi is a tech company well known for its affordable yet feature-rich smartphones with flagship specifications. It is the fourth largest phone maker in the world. There’s no doubt that it’s the Chinese company that provides the best budget phone for U.S. citizens.

Users in the United States have asked the most frequent question about Xiaomi phones. Do Xiaomi phones work in every state?

Here is the short answer to the question: 

Yes, Both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks support Redmi devices in the USA since they both use GSM. CDMA-based carriers like Verizon, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular do not support Xiaomi smartphones, which is incompatible with those carriers. Despite this, no Xiaomi device is compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile’s 4G LTE service in every city as it lacks certain bands like 4, 12, and 17.

How Do I Choose the Best U.S. Carriers For Xiaomi Phones?

Some people purchase the Xiaomi phone because of its attractive price. After purchasing it, the buyers realize that their regular carrier’s bands are no longer supported. Therefore, you should know which Xiaomi phones work in the U.S. Here are the best U.S. carriers for Xiaomi phones.

T-Mobile’s network is the most frequently used network of the multiple USA carriers of Xiaomi phones. The best cellular carrier in the United States that is compatible with Xiaomi phones is T-Mobile.

Additionally, the band provides the best overall performance in terms of band support. With T-Mobile, you can expect solid data performance across bands 2, 4, and 12 across all of their service areas. Even so, this is enough to ensure that your mobile phone can run smoothly without any issues or glitches during use.

However, if you attempt to use Verizon’s network to work with devices, it will not be possible. Additionally, AT&T is a bit better than Verizon when supporting Xiaomi phones, but they only support two bands. While T-Mobile is the best provider for all bands, as they support all bands.


So if you are wondering which Xiaomi phone works in the USA or does Xiaomi work in the USA, this article has enough information to enlighten you regarding your questions. If you want to use a Xiaomi phone in the United States, but you don’t want LTE and LTE+, you should consider taking an upgrade.

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